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    "Tactical EMS Program":  144hr & 40hr, (price varies, see schedule page) 

    The objective for these courses are for the student to be able to perform as a civilian Law Enforcement Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team’s Medic. At the end of this course the student will have the knowledge and skills to perform various medical and basic tactical skills needed to operate as a Medic in a tactical, urban/rural environment.  This course will require the student to perform multiple hands-on skills practice and scenarios associated with the duties while assisting a SWAT team.  The Tactical EMS Program is open to qualified healthcare professionals and at a minimum those with an EMT-Basic qualification.


    Some of the subjects covered in class:
    - Duties of the Tactical Medic.
    - Integrating agencies prior, during, and after missions/training.
    - Weapons familiarization and live fire drills; carbine, SMG, pistol, shotgun.
    - Basic tactical techniques, tactics, movements.
    - Tactical/medical gear and kit selection.
    - Extended mission planning.
    - Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) principles and techniques.
    - Patient assessment with sensory deprivation.
    - Patient movement techniques.
    - Treatment over/through barricade.
    - Burns and blast injuries.
    - K9 emergency medicine.
    - Dental emergencies.
    - Day/night operations planning and briefings.

    This will be a physically demanding course that will be involving classroom, wet/dry, and day/night field conditions.  A complete course syllabus will be given to each student upon completing the course application and background check.  Applications will be available through contacting Caleb directly.