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    “Tac Med EDC”: 1-Day Course

    Winning the fight is just the beginning; especially if you’ve sustained injuries.  This course is specifically designed to teach the legally armed civilian or the armed professional, how to identify and treat immediate life-threatening injuries as a result of a violent attack.  Most EMS agencies’ policies for responding to violent calls or events require all responding units to stage at a safe location, far enough away from danger so that the police can secure the scene first.  During that time you will need to employ the tactical medical skills learned in this course in order to increase your chances of survival.   

    Throughout this course students will learn via hands-on skills practice, scenario-based training, and minimal lectures.  Scenarios will be conducted using inert training aids such as “blue guns”, SIRT training pistol, or airsoft pistols.   Students are encouraged to bring their own inert training aids.  Each student will be exposed to several different tactical medical manufacturers’ products to use in class.  This helps students become educated consumers and allows for unbiased opinions on which medical gear best suits their needs. 

    Some of the subjects covered in class:

    • Medical and legal issues
    • Tactical medicine principles
    • Patient drags and carries
    • Patient assessment techniques
    •  Hemorrhage control techniques
      • Tourniquets
      • Pressure Dressings
      • Hemostatic Agents/Adjuncts
    • Identify and treat penetrating chest trauma
    • Identify and treat for shock
    • Active killer and mass casualty considerations
    • Medical equipment selection and carry techniques for EDC