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    “Range Response”: 1-day, $150/student

    If you are a firearms instructor, range officer, a match director, or just someone that spends their weekend out on the range; this course is for you! 

       This 8hr. course will prepare you and your range for emergency medical incidents.  In class, students learn how to identify and treat common injuries/illnesses related to the shooting sports while out on the range.  Everything from minor burns from hot brass, to gunshot wounds, to heat/cold related injuries, to foreign objects in the eyes, and other general medical emergencies will be covered.  Not only will you learn what to do until the medics/ambulance arrives; but you’ll learn how to set up a plan of action specifically for your range.  It doesn’t matter if your range is indoor, outdoor, in the city, or out in the country; we’ll teach you different options to take back to the range so you can create your own SOP’s and be prepared. 

       As with all LSM courses, students will learn through minimal lectures, plenty of hands-on skills practice and using scenario-based training; conduct a medical site survey as the final test in class.  This class is equally balanced in both administrative and actual medical skills.  We highly recommend taking our “Medic 1” course along with this class.    

    Some of the subjects covered in this course:

    - Medical & Legal Issues

    - Scene Safety

    - Patient Assessment; rapid trauma assessments, blood sweeps/claws

    - Identify & Treat

         Moderate to major bleeding

         Minor to severe burns

         Impaled objects

         Eye injuries


         Environmental Emergencies

              ~ Heat and cold related injuries; heat exhaustion, heat stroke, frostbite

              ~ Animal and insect bites/stings; bees, snakes, spiders, bears

    - First aid equipment & selection specifically for a shooting range.

    - Creating range SOP’s for medical emergencies

    • Implementing an actual response plan for employees/RO’s
    • Indoor and outdoor range considerations
    • Location/selection of first aid equipment
    • Creating a response team and their roles

    - Coordinating with local public service assets

    • EMS/Ambulance
    • Fire Department
    • Law Enforcement

    - Landing Zone (LZ) Operations

    • How to set one up
    • LZ safety
    • Coordinating with local air ambulance service

    Email us for information about hosting this course at your range.  Hosts may recieve free slots in this course.