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    This four to six day course is designed for those individuals or teams preparing for security work in hostile locations.  This course can be designed to be part of your pre-depolyment package/training.  For more information please contact Caleb directly.

        •    AHA HeartSaver AED; CPR w/ AED
        •    TCCC Principal and Standards
        •    Patient Assessment; ABC’s, Rapid Trauma Assessments
        •    Management of Various Chest/Airway Injuries
        •    Severe Hemorrhaging
        •    Tourniquets / Hemostatic Bandages
        •    Medical Contingencies/Reaction Plan Outlines
        •    Burns / Blast Injuries


    Each student must submit copy of course completion from an approved firearms training company or a military ID.  These documents must be submitted 10 calendar days prior to class start date.