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    Mommy Medics:  2-2.5 hrs 

    Grandma, Granny, ‘Mame, Nanna, LoLo; whatever you call them, they all hold a special place in our hearts.  Our Grandmothers are very special and wise (even if we don’t think so), and never miss a thing.  These sacred women are the very foundations for most of our families. It is not unusual for them to very gracefully accept an occasional “baby-sitting job”; (which we all know translates into “SPOIL THE KID ROTTEN” for a few hours.) Because of this realization; Lone Star Medics is excited to offer our “Mommy Medics” course.  

This course is designed for Grandmothers and Moms exclusively. This course will be primarily based as a pediatric course.  Lone Star Medics will teach these ladies how to deal with medical emergencies for children from the ages of newborn to 12 years old. The class will consist of about 2 hours of instruction.

    We will cover the following subjects:
        •    CPR for Child & Infant
        •    Choking, Heimlich Maneuver
        •    Drowning/Near Drowning
        •    Dehydration
        •    Seizures
        •    Bleeding & Shock (non-electric)
        •    Burns
        •    Eye Injuries
        •    Proper Child-Seat Installation/Inspection *
        •    Injury Prevention
        •    Poison Control Hotlines


     Dads… you’re special too.  We apologize for not offering a course specific for you so just suck it up.

    *This subject may not be available for all classes