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    "Medicine X” :  2 Day, $450
    Some are calling it “Ambush Medicine”!  What it’s called is not as important as what you’ll learn over the next two days. The next 16 hours will be spent 90% of the time on the range, either shooting, moving, communicating and/or slappin’ tourniquets on. 

    This course is based off of the “Care Under Fire” phase of the TCCC course.  Each student will learn how and more importantly, when to care for the wounded while in immediate contact with one or multiple threats.  This will be a fast-paced and physically demanding course.   

    Some of the subjects covered in Medicine “X” are:
    - Care Under Fire principles and techniques.
    - Casualty movement.
    - Rescue rigging.
    - Rapid trauma assessments, blood sweeps/claws.
    - Proper use of tourniquets, pressure dressings, hemostatic agents.
    - Self-aid and Buddy-aid.
    - Live-fire and react-to-fire drills as single, double, and four person teams.

    Each student will be required to provide all the following equipment for class.  Some equipment may be available, contact us for more info.
        1.    Rifle and/or Carbine with sling.
        2.    Pistol with quality holster. NO SERPA's.
        3.    Minimum of four rifle mags and three pistol mags.
        4.    Mag pouches, chest rig, vest, or plate carrier for all the above.
        5.    Round count varies for each class; but plan on 200rds rifle and 300rds pistol.
        6.    Eye and ear protection.
        7.    Knee and elbow pads.
        8.    Long pants and sturdy boots.
        9.    Canteen of some sort; Camelbak type is recommended.
        10.    Sturdy gloves; leather or similar.
        11.    Bug spray, sun block, and a ball cap is strongly recommended.
        12.    Med-Kit, Blow-out pouch, IFAK. (contents will be provided for class use)
        13.    Body armor and/or Ballistic/Bump helmets are strongly recommended, but not mandatory. 


    Each student must fall into one of two categories to be considered for any "Medicine X" course:

    1. Be current Military or Law Enforcement.

    2. Provide a current background check from a State Law Enforcement Agency or provide a current copy of a Texas Concealed Handgun License.  Must also provide a course completion certificate from an approved firearms training company, instructor, facility in defensive carbine and/or defensive pistol.  A copy of your firearms training certificate(s) must be sent in with student application. 

    Student applications and student info packets for class are available upon request. Contact Caleb