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    “Medicine X – EDC”: 2 day, $400

    After the huge success of our regular “Medicine X” course and the continued request from our students; we have created the next evolution of civilian tactical medical training… “Medicine X – EDC (Every Day Carry)”!

    This two-day course was developed for those that wanted to learn how to identify and treat life-threatening injuries in a gunfight; but from a civilian concealed carry perspective.  If you’ve taken “Medicine X” before you’ve learned how to work from your chest rig, plate carrier, body armor, etc.  Well, what about when you’re not wearing all that kit?  How do you carry the contents of an IFAK without the pouch?  How do we “run & gun” while in jeans and a T-shirt?

    That is exactly what you’ll learn in this class.  We’ll show students the different options in wearing and using your medical kit as part of your “every day carry” (EDC) gear.  No matter if you are a concealed handgun license holder, an undercover LEO, or even working on a low-profile detail; this course was created just with you in mind.  That being said, we expect you to train as you’d fight and fight as you’ve trained… i.e. wear what you normally would wear on a day to day basis.  HENCE THE COURSE NAME, “EVERY DAY CARRY”!  All students must conceal their firearm and firearm accessories at all times.    

    Students will learn through lectures, plenty of hands-on skills practice, and multiple live-fire scenarios throughout the course. 

    Subjects covered in class:

    -      Care Under Fire principles and techniques

    -      Casualty movement

    -      Rapid trauma assessments, blood sweeps/claws

    -      Control bleeding; proper use of following

    • Tourniquets
    • Pressure Dressings
    • Hemostatic Agents

    -      Burns and blasts injuries

    -      Shock (hypovolemic); identify & treat

    -      Chest injuries; pneumothorax, tension pneumothorax

    -      Self-Aid & Buddy-Aid

    -      Medical equipment and selection

    -      Every day carrying options of medical equipment



    Each student must fall into one of two categories to be considered for any "Medicine X" course:

    1. Be current Military or Law Enforcement.

    2. Provide a current background check from a State Law Enforcement Agency or provide a current copy of a Texas Concealed Handgun License. Must also provide a course completion certificate from an approved firearms training company, instructor, facility in defensive carbine and/or defensive pistol. A copy of your firearms training certificate(s) must be sent in with student application.

    Student applications and student info packets for class are available upon request.


    Equipment list: Detailed list will be given with student application form.  All students must conceal their firearms and firearms accessories (mags, flashlights, etc.) at all times during class.  *Indicates mandatory.   

    - *Eye and Ear Protection

    - *Pistol; bring what you carry.  Train as you fight.

    - *Ammo; varies with each class but plan on about 300-350rds.

    - *Holster.  Must be specificaly designed for your pistol.  NO SERPA are allowed.

    - *Magazines; 3 at minimum.

    - *Mag pouches; must stay concealed.

    - *Canteen

    - *Sturdy footwear; hiking/military style is mandatory. Absolutely no sandals or flip-flops allowed.   

    - Bug spray, sun block, hat, etc.

    - Wet/Cold weather clothing; we train rain or shine.

    - We provide all medical training equipment needed for class.  But bring what you got if you got it already and want to try it out in a scenario.