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    "Medic 2" :  1 Day Course

    This eight hour course picks up where “Medic 1” leaves off.  During this eight hour field medical course, students will be presented with a more in-depth look at identifying and treating minor to moderate to even a few life-threatening injuries.  Some of the subjects may sound familiar from “Medic 1”; but this class will go into a lot more detail than previously.  This course is designed for the layperson with some previous medical training.  
    Like all LSM courses, students will learn through minimal lectures, plenty of hands-on skills practice, and as many quality scenarios as each individual class can get through.  Scenarios will allow students to utilize all previous learned skills and recently learned skills from this course.
    Each registered student will receive a Student Information Packet with more details about the class, dates/times, required equipment, etc.  Although there are no prerequisites for this course; we highly encourage students to have already had previous training similar to “Medic 1” or “Dynamic First Aid”. 
    Some of the subjects covered in class: 
    - Scene Size-Up; intro to triage systems for mass casualty incidents
    - Anatomy and Physiology 
    - Patient Assessments; for medical patients, SAMPLE history 
    - Vital Signs; blood pressure, pulse, respirations
    - Diabetic Emergencies
    - Fractures; open and closed
    - Pediatric Emergencies
    - Infectious Disease 
    - Review of common medications and drugs
    - Child Birth Basics
    - Medical Equipment Selection; general med kits for the home and vehicle