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    "Medic 1" :  2 DAY

    This is our most popular two-day course.  This course is perfect for those with little to no previous first aid training.  We will cover aggressive first aid for moderate to severe injuries/illnesses.  Adult, child, infant CPR w/ AED (American Heart Assoc.) will be taught on the morning of the first day. Throughout class, each student will learn by minimal lectures, plenty of hands-on skills practice, and multiple scenarios involving role players. The students will participate in the skills training as individuals and as a team throughout both days. CareFlite will fly out a helicopter, real life missions and weather pending. Some of the subjects covered in this course:

    • Medical & Legal Issues
    • Body Substance Isolation; Use of Protective Barrier Devices
    • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
    • AHA CPR w/ AED
    • Patient Assessment
    • Penetrating & Blunt Trauma; GSW, Stabbings, Crush Injuries
    • Medical Emergencies; Stroke, Diabetic Emergencies, Siezures
    • Fractures & Sprains; Broken Bones
    • Burns; Thermal, Electrical, etc.
    • Environmental Emergencies
    • Animal/Insect bites
    • Heat & cold injuries
    • Dehydration & Prevention (Caleb’s favorite)
    • Shock; Management and Treatment
    • Tourniquets & Hemostatic Bandages; QuickClot, Celox
    • Movement of Patients (how, when & when not to)
    • LZ operations; CareFlite provides a helicopter
    • 911 Communications
    • First Aid Kits & Equipment Selection