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    Check out some of our buds and the good work they do...


    Lone Star Armory


    Tac Pro Shooting Center 


    XS Sights


    American Heart Association  


    A Girl and A Gun


    Ballistic Radio Broadcast/Podcast


    Benchmade Knife Company 



    CamelBak Hydration Systems




    Dallas Safari Club


    DSG Arms 


    Extreme Tactics & Training Solutions Shooting Center


    Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds 


    HeartSafe America


    Honor Courage Commitment


    ITS Tactical 


    Khyber Interactive Associates, LLC


    KR Training  


    The Lone Survivor Foundation      


    Marz Tactical Gear


    MCM Elegante Hotel Dallas


    Mil-Spec Monkey


    National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians


    National Rifle Association 


    Original S.O.E. Gear


    Patriot Nurse 


    Personal Defesne Network


    Rangemaster's Tactical Conference


    Red River Firearms LLC; Training Center


    Show of Support "Hunt for Heroes"  


    SPEC.-OPS. Brand 


    The Survival Podcast


    S.W.A.T. Magazine 


    Tactical Arts Academy


    Tactical Medical Solutions


    Texas Engineering Extension, TEEX


    Tripple Canopy


    Tyr Group - "Combat Tracking Guide" by John Hurth 


    Warrior Times 






    LSM in the media, guest speaker & presenter, and student reviews



    Scientific American online article: Article on the lessons learned overseas that helped Boston bombing victims, April 17, 2013 


    Concealed Carry Magazine:  An article by Karl Rhen discussing the importance of medical skills for the armed citizen, page 80, April 2013 


    S.W.A.T. Magazine - Article on "Medicine X" course, page 80, April 2012 


    Tactical World magazine: An article about the Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2011 by Dr. M. Topper
    April 2011... no link at this time. 

    The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko: May 22, 2012 


    Star-Telegram newspaper, "Veterans as Entrepreneurs":


    Mil-Spec Monkey: "Medicine X" review & video segments from class 


    Guest Speaker & Presenter:

    Rangemaster's Tactical Conference; Tulsa, OK

    9/12 Project, Tarrant County group; Fort Worth, TX


    Dallas Safari Club's Annual Convention; Dallas, TX
    Rangemaster's Tactical Conference; Memphis, TN
    A Girl And A Gun's First Annual Training Conference; Waco, TX


    Reviews of our courses:


    "Medicine X" AAR (After Action Review) from a student: 


    "Medicine X-EDC" After Action Review (AAR) from a student, by The Suburban Dad Survivalist: Sep 2012 


    "Dynamic First Aid" After Action Review from a student, DaveRe: Jan 2012 


    "Dynamic First Aid" After Action Review from a student, by "hsoi": Jan 2012


    "Medicine X-EDC" After Action Review from a student, by "hsoi": Sep 2012 


    "Medicine X" hosted by ITS Tactical: article & video 


    "Medicine X" article from Warrior Times: article & pictures


    "Medic 1" AAR from a student: