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    Hunter’s Medicine:

    This ten hour course is designed with the hunter in mind. Whether your hunting Texas Whitetail Deer, or stalking the elusive Jackalope; this course will cover some of the illnesses/injuries that are associated with the hunting and fishing in the outdoors. Although we won’t go over “survival” skills; the course will familiarize the student with some “preventable techniques” while enjoying the outdoors.  The subjects which we will cover, but not limited to are:
        •    Assessing a patient’s A.B.C.’s.
        •    Controlling moderate to severe bleeding.
        •    Blunt and penetrating trauma.
Gun shot wounds
Stab wounds
Impaled objects
        •    Advanced airway techniques.
        •    Wound management.
        •    Patient movement.
        •    Environmental emergencies.
Heat & Cold related injuries
Animal/Insect bites
        •    Shock, identify and treatments.
        •    Burns, identify and treatments.
        •    Broken bones.
Sprains & Strains
        •    Eye injuries.
        •    First Aid Kit selection.

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