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    "Field & Tactical Med Lab":   1.5 day (12hr), $275/student

    *Host this class in 2014 and receive two free slots!

    This course is a combination of a few of our most common courses from the past five years of teaching field & tactical medicine. This class is a perfect opportunity for individuals, families, and groups to gain the knowledge and skills of identifying and treating immediate life-threatening injuries, general medical emergencies, and applicable tactical medicine. This course is designed for the layperson with little to no first aid or medical training. So no matter if you’re a cubical dweller, a weekend warrior, or just wanting to learn how to save your own life or your loved one’s life should something happen to them; this is a great course to start with. The goal of this class is for each student to be able to identify and treat traumatic injuries and general medical emergencies before professional help arrives. Like all LSM courses, each student will learn through scenario-based training, hands-on skills practice, and limited lectures.

    A great attribute of this course is it allows students to learn different medical skills for different environments. Most of our other classes deal with either a field setting, meaning outside a doctor’s office or hospital; or they deal with injuries related to a tactical environment, where bad guys are trying to kill you. Here we’ll cover both and students will learn one of the most valuable lessons of medicine… when to perform a skill or procedure. Each student receives a course completion certificate stating they completed 12hrs of field and tactical medical training.

    Day 1
    Field Medicine

    • Scene Safety
    • Patient Movement Techniques; manual carries
    • Patient Assessment
    • Hemorrhage Control; how to utilize tourniquets, pressure dressings, and hemostatic agents to control minor, moderate, and severe bleeding
    • Thoracic Injuries; simple explanation and understanding of different chest injuries
    • Open & Closed Fractures and Crush Injuries
    • Burns; thermal and electrical burns
    • Eye Injuries; impaled objects & proper irrigation techniques
    • General Medical Emergencies
      • Stroke
      • Seizures
      • Diabetic Emergencies
      • Allergic Reactions
    • Shock
    • Medical equipment and selection for on-body, home, car, work, and SHTF!

    Day 2
    Tactical Medicine
    • Scene Safety and how it changes in a tactical environment
    • Principles & mindset of tactical medicine when dealing with injuries sustained during an active violent event or immediately after.
    • Patient movement; using manual drags & rescue rigging
    • Rapid Patient Assessment; blood claws and other simple techniques
    • Treatment of immediate life-threatening injuries related to violent events
      • Severe Bleeding
      • Penetrating Thoracic (Chest) Injuries
      • Airway Compromise