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    Dynamic First Aid: 1 Day
    This course is our basic first aid course which teaches individuals how to keep someone alive and stable enough until EMS arrives. Just activating “911” alone is sometimes not enough. The subjects in this course will prepare you for most medical emergencies. Subjects from broken bones, profuse bleeding, burns and other life-threatening injuries will be discussed. Each student will demonstrate how to deal with each injury by practicing hands-on skills throughout the course as well as multiple scenario based training sessions. This course is about 5-8 hours for about 6-12 students.  Some of the subjects covered in this course:

    - Medical & Legal Issues
    - Body Substance Isolation; Use of Protective Barrier Devices
    - Patient’s ABC’s
    - Penetrating & Blunt Trauma
    - Medical Emergencies
    - Eye Injuries
    - Motor-vehicle Collisions / Safety
    - Burns
    - Environmental Emergencies
         - Dehydration (Caleb's most sought after lecture)
         - Animal/Insect Bites
    - First Aid Kits & Equipment