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    Dynamic SWAT:  2 Day

     This sixteen hour course is designed for Law Enforcement officers assigned to tactical teams. During this course, officers will learn how to identify and treat life threatening injuries while operating in a tactical environment.  This course is fast paced.  Some of the subjects covered are self aid, buddy aid, and kit selection for individuals and the team.  Subjects covered in this course, but not limited to:

    •     Patient’s ABC’s
    •     How to Gain Access to and Extract a Casualty
    •     How to Control Major Bleeding
    •     Correct Use of Tourniquets and Hemostatic Bandages
    •     Familiarization of Penetrating Chest Injuries and Treatments
    •     Gun Shot Wounds
    •     Stab Wounds
    •     Sucking Chest Wounds
    •     Active Shooter Medical Considerations
    •     Drop Kits
    •     Shock Management
    •     Burns / Blast Injuries
    •     First Aid Kit and Equipment Selection
    •     Environmental Injury/Illness
    •     Heat Casualties; Dehydration
    •     Cold Casualties; Frostbite
    •     Animal Bites; Dogs, Insects´╗┐