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    Dynamic Patrol:  1 Day

     This eight hour, Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid course is specifically designed for “Patrol” Law Enforcement officers in mind.  Officers who attend this course learn through lecture and mainly hands-on skills training how to keep themselves and their partners alive until medical personnel arrive at the scene.  Most agencies mandate that all Fire/EMS (non-TEMS) personnel will stage themselves and all apparatus outside a certain perimeter until the entire scene is deemed safe. Unfortunately, a fellow officer may have life threatening injuries that might not allow for the scene to be “safe”.  Also, some Officers operate in rural areas where scene times for EMS might take longer than those in urban areas. During that time you as an officer can render the appropriate aid to that down (but not out) officer.  Lone Star Medics is in the process of getting TCLEOSE hours approved.  Subjects covered in this course, but not limited to:

    •     Patient’s ABC’s
    •     How to Treat Major Bleeding – Gun Shot Wounds, Stabbings, etc.
    •     How to Treat Major Chest Injuries – Sucking Chest Wounds
    •     Movement of Downed Officer
    •     Active Shooter Medical Considerations
    •     Drop Kits
    •     First Aid Kit and Equipment Selection
    •     Communications with EMS´╗┐