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    Independence Day 2013

       As I was sitting here in my home in Texas, thinking of how to put down on paper what this day means to me; I decided to continue my little tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence on the 4th every year.  I’ve never been to my nation’s capital, nor have I laid my eyes upon those faded words on the actual document that is so proudly displayed at The National Archives Building.  After reading it, I realized that no words of mine could express the sense of selflessness or bravery I experienced while reading.  I was imagining how those men must have felt waking up on this same morning only 237 years ago.

       We should never forget why our country was established and for what purpose.  We cannot afford to lose sight of our freedoms.  We as citizens have a duty to act and to hold those elected accountable for their actions.  We as citizens should also tread with caution when making new laws and making sure that those laws do not take away those freedoms to which our nation was established upon; yet at the same time those new laws must serve to protect freedom.

       Take a few moments during your celebrations today and ask each other… “What is freedom to you and what are you willing to do to preserve it now that you have it?”

    Happy Independence Day, America.  Cherish it and defend it.


    Drink Water,
    Caleb Causey, American   


    "The Boogie-man does exist!"

     "The Boogie-man does exist!"
    Caleb Causey; Lone Star Medics
    6June2013 (Remember D-Day!)

       So I'm jolted out of bed by my dog notifying me that the thunder and lightning are going to get us... at 03:12hrs.  I check online with the local news’ website ( for a quick weather update and notice something; a lot of reports about people getting hurt.  While this isn’t “news” to me, it still drove home a message.  A message that people all around us are in fact getting hurt, injured, and even attacked by bad guys.  Some will argue that the numbers are so small that they’ll never be attacked or even injured… Tell that to those 211,006 people that were injured in a motor vehicle traffic crash in 2011 in Texas*.  That’s one person killed every 2 hours 54 minutes; one person injured every 2 minutes 29 seconds, one reportable crash occurring every 83 seconds*“Yea, you’re right the world is full of unicorns farting rainbows as they soar through big fluffy clouds made out of glitter.”  Anyway, here is what I found on the home page of this morning while failing to reassure Garrison-dog everything was “OK” and that the thunder wouldn’t get him.    


       I talk with a lot of people who say things like, "oh, that'll never happen to me" or "that never happens around here, I live in a "good" neighborhood".  My personal favorite, "Oh, I don't need an eight-hour class on how to handle all those big issues. I just need the basics." 
    Well since you already know what you "need" to know; why are you wasting my time asking about my courses?  And I got a news flash for ya, pal... those "basics" of yours ain't cuttin' it!


       I took a screen shot of the local news website.  I've posted some of the articles below just to prove I'm not making this stuff up & in an attempt to show folks that this sort of thing IS happening.

    Article #1: Physical attack / sexual assault, 2 injured, unknown how many previously – “New evidence about a multiple rape attack in Dallas”. 
    Both women were out on early morning walks/runs when they were attacked by "friendly" man.  One woman even had her dog with her and was still attacked.  Not saying an IFAK would have helped much here; but perhaps a little MUC training from SouthNarc might have.  (Not trying to say it was the woman’s fault here, folks.  So don’t go there.)

    Article #2: Pediatric GSW, 1 injured - Four year old boy with self-inflected gunshot wound.
    As of later this morning the boy is recovering from a pistol caliber gsw to the shoulder.  However I'm willing to bet the parent/grandparent are self-proclaimed "responsible firearms owners".  How much firearms training/education have they done?  Did they teach what they know to their children?  My parents taught me about firearm safety at that age.  And since they were such "responsible" parents I'm sure they knew how to handle life-threatening injuries, had a family med kit, and knew how to use it. Yea, I know... I'm sorta holding them to a high standard, right?  YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I AM!  They're parents and should be held to a higher standard.

    Article #3: Crush injuries, 2 dead - Two men die from an unmanned fork-lift at work in Dallas. 
    Not a lot of info yet, but seems the fork-lift rolled onto the two men and crushed them.  Do you know how to handle crush injuries?  Sure, there might not have been anything anyone could have done.  But does that mean you want to take that chance of not being ready or able to?

    Article #4: Motor vehicle collision, 1 dead 3 injured - Sunnyvale man dies on way back home from an annual mission trip to Oklahoma. 
    A 26 year old man was killed in a head-on motor vehicle collision and three others were injured also.  He went to help total strangers in another state and is killed returning home.  I'll look into the car wreck info more on what happened.

    Article #5: Building collapse, 6 dead 13 injured- A building in PA collapsed.

    Several people were inside the building during business hours.  Crush injuries and maybe some lacerations.  They were able to rescue an elderly lady early on Thursday and said she was in good condition.  Folks, this building collapsed on Wednesday morning! 

    Article #6: School shooting, 3 injured- A man accused of a school shooting refused to show in court.

    This guy shoots up the place, gets arrested, gets out on a $50K bond and doesn't show up to court.  So he is still loose on the streets?  I'm sure he won’t hurt anyone... again.

    Article #7: Youngest Manson follower denied parole.

    Charles Manson and his band of misfits... what else do I need to say here, folks?

    Article #8: Bridge collapse

    An oversized 18-wheeler’s cargo hits a support beam on the bridge.  As the truck makes it across safely, the bridge collapses and sends two cars (three people) into the river.  They were rescued and are in good condition… luckily.  That could have gone real bad, real fast.

    Article #9: Dallas teacher dies in car wreck but donates organs and saves 13 lives!

    This is a sad one, folks.  Brigitte Campbell, a 5th grade science teacher was rear-ended at a red light with such force it sent her vehicle into a fatal collision against a concrete barrier.  Article doesn’t say if others were injured but with that much energy, I’d say that the occupant of the other car sustained some injuries as well.

       See people, the boogie-man does exist and he's just getting stronger.  I’m not writing this to try to sell our courses.  Creating “hype” is not my intention here.  I’m trying to breed awareness in the fact that you need to be prepared to handle these situations on your own until more help arrives.  You can ask any of our students and they’ll tell you that we constantly plead with them to take other’s courses similar to ours.  You’ll only learn more and become better prepared.

       Fortunately you’ve got a few options here.  1. Get adequate training on how to deal with severe injuries that happen to yourself or others.  2. Keep pretending no one ever gets hurt and it’ll never happen to you and watch them die.  3. Call someone and watch helplessly as your partner/loved-one bleeds out and dies before help gets there.  All of those choices are yours to make.  Be sure you choose wisely.

    Drink Water,


    WFAA TV, Channel 8 ABC;

    Texas Department of Transportation;
    *Data collected from Texas Peace Officer's Crash Reports (CR-3) received and processed by the Department as of June 19, 2012.


    Intro for the LSM blog... now THAT is an original title!

    Howdy folks,

    I just got done getting my butt chewed because a few of my colleagues insisted that I post some of my articles, writings, and other random thoughts & opinions I have on various subjects.  So I’d like to say “Welcome!”

    Please be patient while I figure out how to post articles and pictures.  If you’ve got a response or a comment; go ahead and post/submit it.  I’ll try to make sure I do everything right on our end to get it posted.

    I do have some rules about posting your comments:

    -          We’ll try to keep everything “PG”; but not making any promises.  We are professional and expect our followers to be as well. 

    -          Be polite.  If you got a different thought or opinion with someone or something we post; then articulate it.  But I’m not going to put up with the 3rd grade name calling or pissing matches. 

    -          We’re all students here so if you’ve got good new intel, share it with everyone.  We don’t know it all and we’d like to think we learn from our students more than we teach. 

    So kick back, relax… AND DRINK WATER!

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